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Imara Africa Securities - Investing Offshore

Imara Africa Securities is a division of FAIS-regulated Imara S.P. Reid Stockbrokers which is also a member of the JSE Limited. Imara S.P. Reidís FSP license allows for the execution of trades and the provision of an advice service outside of South Africa.

How the process works

Taking advantage of Africa-wide investment opportunities for retail investors via Imara S.P. Reid requires seven easy steps:
  1. To become a client of Imara S.P. Reid you need to either contact them via phone (+27 11 550-6270) or email You can arrange an appointment at their Illovo offices. Take your ID book, proof of residential address (not older than 3 months), proof of your banking details and a copy of your current SARS document verifying your tax number; as you would when opening a bank account. Every client is required to complete the standard FICA Know Your Client document;
  2. Once your Imara S.P. Reid account is opened and you have deposited your funds, Imara Africa Securities will assist you in completing your trading requirements;
  3. Optimise your status as an Imara S.P. Reid client: On registration as a client, you will be able to view your offshore portfolio, end of day pricing and current corporate actions via the Imaraís user friendly website;
  4. Access Imara Africa Securities research: Imara Africa Securitiesí research product is used by fund managers and investors alike worldwide. Clients have access to research on markets across Africa. The data alerts you to trends, possible opportunities and potential pitfalls;
  5. Seek advice from your broker contact at Imara S.P. Reid: Research analysts and staff on the Imara Africa Securities desk are qualified to give best advice in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary (FAIS) Act and are licensed with the Financial Services Board;
  6. Place orders with your broker for the purchase of shares or bonds in the desired national markets and market segments. Order confirmations are provided as soon as the transaction is complete;
  7. Monitor performance: the company provides documentation reports, enabling you to track investment performance. Alternatively, as an Imara client, you are able to monitor performance via the firmís online portal.