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Malawi, a largely agricultural country, is working hard to overcome decades of underdevelopment. For the first 30 years of independence, the country was run by the authoritarian President Hastings Banda but democratic institutions have taken a firm hold since he relinquished power in the mid-1990s.

Malawi has been urged by world financial bodies to free up its economy and it has privatised many loss-making state-run corporations. Since 2007, the country has made real progress in achieving economic growth through programmes instituted by the government of President Mutharika in 2005. Healthcare, education and environmental conditions are improving and Malawi is finally moving away from reliance on overseas aid.

Imara In Malawi

Imara has a minority stake in Stockbrokers Malawi ("SML"). Established in 1994, Stockbrokers Malawi Ltd is the leading stockbroking firm in Malawi and the company was instrumental in the establishment of the Malawi Stock Exchange and has been involved in every listing since.

SML is a registered stockbroker under the provisions of the Capital Market Development Act, 1990, Part VI, and its main business is to offer an agent-only broking service to its clients wishing to invest in the money and securities markets.

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Chief Executive Officer, Stockbrokers Malawi Limited

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