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Imara's website enables both management and monitoring of multiple accounts by the Firm's clients and helps to promote accountability and transparency. Clients not only have access to current recommendations but can also track previous picks and performance. The site is also a channel for prompt and purposeful recommendations across sectors and companies.

In addition to its online trading capability, Imara Securities provides a comprehensive investment information service, which can be found at This is complemented by a system of 'Alerts' or 'Stop Loss' messaging, which allows pre-agreed, automatically triggered trades to be delivered via email or SMS.

Information flows are directed both at clients and traders. Imara Buffalo and Imara Late Owl are daily email newsletters that provide a current market snapshot and companies report. There is also a weekly email newsletter, Tech Trader, aimed at industry professionals, which considers market indicators from a technical perspective. Stocks & Strategy is a monthly email newsletter (also available in printed form) that provides more in-depth analysis.