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Zimbabwe has recently emerged from a decade of economic contraction and world record hyper-inflation. The establishment of the Global Political Agreement ushered in a period of stabilisation, aided by the de-monetarisation of the Zimbabwe Dollar and adoption of a multi-currency system dominated by use of the US Dollar. The robust private sector has reacted positively and capacity utilisation has grown rapidly.

Zimbabwe is blessed with natural resources. It has the third largest reserves of platinum in the world and a wealth of other mineral resources, including diamonds, gold, chrome, nickel and coal. Agriculture, once the backbone of the economy, suffered during the 2000s but has also shown recent solid growth and considerable potential remains. Tourism, financial services, transport and retail are also important economic drivers.

The country has one of the best developed financial services industries in Africa, with a well established local investment base. The first stock exchange was established in 1896 and today the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange is one of the larger sub-Saharan markets.

Imara in Zimbabwe

Imara's presence in Zimbabwe dates back to the formation of Edwards & Co in 1954. These operations are well established and represent all three pillars of the Imara service offering:

  • Imara Asset Management is one of the largest institutional funds managers in Zimbabwe. Clients include blue chip retirement funds, high net worth individuals and corporates
  • Imara Corporate Finance offers a variety of corporate financial services and is a non-member institution of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
  • Imara Edwards Securities is the largest stockbroking and securities house in Zimbabwe with unparalleled research capabilities, excellent client networks and equity specific skills

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Managing Director, Imara Capital Zimbabwe

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