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Imara is an independent Botswana-listed investment banking group that prides itself on providing its clients with objective decision-making. The Company is mid-sized and has offices in Angola, Botswana, South Africa and the UK as well as associate offices in Malawi, Mauritius, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Imara has also partnered with Chapel Hill Denham in Nigeria, NIC Capital in Kenya, Namibia Equity Brokers and Mac Capital in Dubai.

The Group is an active participant in Africa's financial markets and maintains an extensive research coverage of regional equities. Funds under management exceed US$ 390m and assets under administration exceed US$ 1.77 billion.

Imara provides a range of specialised financial products and services. These can be broadly catagorised into four operating divisions:

  • Asset Management (Institutional and Private Client)
  • Corporate Finance and Advisory Services
  • Securities
  • Trust and Administration Services

Imara Group subsidiaries are regulated by: NBFIRA (Botswana); the FSC (UK); the FSB, JSE, SAFEX (South Africa); SEC, ZSE and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe; the FSC (Mauritius) and the Reserve Bank of Malawi.


Imara believes in the people and potential of Africa. The Group combines unrivalled local knowledge with international standards of professionalism, but philosophically still prefers the challenge of leadership to the safety of the herd.

Imara stays close to Africa because this keeps its clients closer to the continent's opportunities. It also allows the Group to stay focused on serving African capital markets and maintaining the uniquely African perspective that makes Imara different. This difference can be seen in its unmatched track record of concluding challenging transactions in developing capital markets.

African roots, world-class skills

Imara leverages its African knowledge to manage risk and create innovative solutions in order to maximise returns. Thanks to lean structures the Group is flexible and responsive, yet maintains a robust commitment to rigorous ethical standards and corporate governance.


Imara intends to become the leader in African wealth management by providing first class products and services to corporate, institutional and high net worth clients.